Four Reasons Car Accidents Occur in School Zones

Whether or not you are a parent, you understand the importance of keeping children safe around their schools. After all, motor vehicles are significantly larger than school kids. If a car hits a child, the resulting injuries may be quite severe.

While school zones keep kids safe, they are often hazardous for drivers. School zone accidents are not uncommon in New York. In fact, according to a recent study, the Empire State ranks 33rd in school zone traffic safety. When driving around a school, you must understand why accidents tend to occur in school zones. Here are the four most common reasons: 

1. Speed limit decreases 

In school zones, speed limits often decrease both significantly and rapidly. While slower speeds help keep children safe, sudden deceleration may contribute to accidents. The reverse is also true. If motorists fail to comply with posted speed limits, their reckless driving may cause a collision. 

2. Excessive pedestrian traffic 

On many roads, you do not have to contend with much pedestrian traffic. That usually is not the case with school zones, though. Excessive pedestrian traffic may cause other motorists to drive slower or more erratically. Unpredictable driving often leads to traffic accidents. 

3. Frequent stops 

In many school zones, crossing guards wait beside the road to help children and others cross safely. As such, you may have to stop in seemingly strange places during school hours. These frequent stops may increase your chances of a rear-end collision. 

4. Distracted driving 

Unfortunately, distracted driving does not only occur on highways and major roadways. That is, you can find distracted drivers virtually everywhere, including school zones. When motorists fail to pay attention to their vehicles, other drivers and pedestrians, they often cause dangerous conditions.

What you do after a car accident matters. Still, many school zone accidents are avoidable. By understanding why automobile accidents often occur in school zones, you can better plan for staying safe around schools.

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