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How certain factors contribute to car accidents

You may think you are one of the safest drivers in the New York area. You may even have a pristine driving record as evidence. But every second you spend on the roads and behind the wheel is one that puts you at risk of suffering an injury in a car accident. You do not need to cause an accident to be in one. All it takes is one distracted or negligent driver, malfunctioning vehicle, or drowsy trucker to compromise your health and life. 

There are a variety of factors that lead to car accidents. Some of them are predictable, but many of them are not. Driving defensively and following all traffic rules can minimize the number of accident situations you encounter, but they do not completely eliminate them. Here are some factors for you to consider about car accidents. 

4 common driver distractions that cause accidents

Distracted drivers put everyone around them at risk of getting into a serious accident and sustaining severe injuries. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted drivers caused 3,477 traffic fatalities in 2015. When negligent drivers take their attention off the task of driving, the consequences are disastrous. 

But what are the main forms of distractions? There are plenty of things that make motorists dangerously inattentive. Here are the top four distractions that cause accidents. 

The dangers of driving while fatigued

As a New Yorker, you may already be aware of the many dangers drivers face while they are on the roads in the state. Whether you take extra precautions to avoid them or not, one danger you may not realize causes a spike in car accidents and fatalities is fatigue. 

Fatigue has a big impact on the way you think, act and feel. It can cause you to feel chronically worn-out, stressed, frustrated and less alert. It can also cause you to miss crucial cues that may put you in the way of reckless, intoxicated and other fatigued drivers. To avoid accidents, take some time to review the following information about driving while fatigued. 

Common factors in winter car accidents

Driving in the winter in New York is not for the faint of heart, with the influx of traffic and variable weather conditions making already tough commutes and traffic patterns even more troublesome for motorists. Many wintertime traffic accidents arise because of similar circumstances, and identifying the common causes of winter driving accidents may help you avoid becoming a statistic.

More specifically, many of today‚Äôs winter traffic accidents are the result of:

The dangers of sharing the road with millennial drivers

Millennial drivers have a bad reputation, but is it earned? According to USA Today, the answer is a resounding yes, with many motorists who fall within this age group admitting to engaging in dangerous driving practices behind the wheel. When millennial drivers choose not to follow the rules of the road in favor of texting, speeding or drinking and driving, for example, they place you and everyone else on the road at risk, and statistics show this is happening far more often than you might like to think.

Problems among millennial drivers are so prevalent, in fact, that 88 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds say they have engaged in dangerous driving behaviors within the last month, among them speeding, texting and running red lights.

3 tips to avoid car accidents in New York

Living in New York means you are no stranger to traffic congestion and drivers who ignore traffic signs and rules. You may even be guilty of committing a few unsanctioned driving behaviors yourself. Regardless of your past driving history, it is important for you to understand how dangerous and life-changing a single car wreck can be for you and other involved parties. 

Car accidents are a daily occurrence. But you can reduce your chances of ending up in one. Keep these guidelines in mind to avoid collision with a motorist, object or pedestrian. 

How to stay safe around commercial trucks

Truck accidents can be absolutely devastating. Factors such as a typical big rig's mass, size and potentially dangerous cargo often contribute to the severity of a crash when a truck is involved.

Understanding the factors that make trucks so dangerous can help you take preventative measures when driving in proximity to large trucks. While you cannot control what other drivers on the road do, you can decrease the likelihood of getting into a crash with a truck.

How can I avoid drunk drivers?

You already know the dangers of drinking and driving in New York. Drunk driving kills thousands of people each year. You may not be able to control the actions of others, but there are ways you can lower your chances of becoming a victim of a drunk driving accident

Here is a brief overview of how you can avoid collisions with intoxicated drivers. 

The importance of teamwork following a car accident

Getting into a car accident can be a traumatic and painful experience. Even minor fender benders may leave you with medical bills and insurance reports to worry about, and it can easily be overwhelming to restore your life to normalcy. As you are recovering from the impact of a collision, you should be aware of how important teamwork will be throughout the process.

You do not have to deal with an accident’s effects on your own. Seeking care and assistance from a team of professionals is the first step to getting back on track and overcoming the various effects that you have endured as a result of the collision.

Complications commonly associated with cesarean sections

When you are ready to head to the hospital to have your baby, you are probably trusting your doctor to ensure a safe delivery. reports that there is about a one in four chance you will deliver via a cesarean section. Because a C-section is a major surgery, the risks it poses to you and your baby amplify when compared with those associated with a traditional, vaginal birth.

Even seemingly small medical and surgical errors can lead to significant injuries and hardships, so it is important to know the potential dangers if you suspect you may have to have this type of procedure. Many C-sections are unplanned and arise from emergency situations, so it is wise to learn the risks even if you have no reason to think you will have one.

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