Common types of reckless driving behaviors

In a world where car accidents are all too common, causing drivers and passengers alike to suffer from unnecessary injuries and long-term effects, reckless driving has become a growing concern. In New York in 2014, there were 118,465 accidents that resulted in non-fatal personal injuries. While not all of these were related to reckless driving, controlling the problem is a big part of saving lives and protecting the quality of life for all.

The state of New York prohibits reckless driving, and every violator is considered guilty of a misdemeanor. Here are some common behaviors considered to be reckless driving.


If a driver is operating a vehicle at speeds of over 80 mph, or more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit, they may be driving recklessly. Speeding is a common problem when it comes to reckless driving.


You’re probably familiar with the stress of a tailgater behind you: one sudden stop could spell trouble. All drivers should be at least three car lengths behind the car in front of them in order to avoid an accident.

Avoiding traffic signals

If you fail to adhere to traffic signs and signals, it may be considered reckless driving. Running stop signs, speeding up at yellow lights or failing to yield are all driving behaviors that may result in the injury of another individual. All traffic signals should be obeyed when driving.

Passing in no-passing zones

No-passing zones are set up in places where it is dangerous for one vehicle to pass another. Visibility may be limited or there may be a curve up ahead that makes it likely an accident will occur during a pass attempt. If you are passing in a no-passing zone, you are driving recklessly and could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Weaving through traffic

Being in a hurry to get somewhere is not an excuse for an accident. Drivers who are weaving in and out of traffic, no matter what the reason, may be charged with driving recklessly. Always use turn signals, follow traffic lights and keep substantial distance between you and the cars around you.

Driving recklessly can lead to serious injuries that victims may deal with for the rest of their lives. If you have been involved in a car accident involving reckless driving, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney about your situation.


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