Your nose may not be the same after a car wreck

You may not realize how important your nose is to your everyday life. While you use your nose to pick up scents, the ability to smell also affects your enjoyment of food. Further, because your nose occupies prime real estate on your face, it is essential to your overall appearance.

As you likely know, there are a variety of injuries you may sustain in a car accident. While a nose injury may not interfere with your ability to walk or see, it may cause you to experience other limitations. Therefore, if you have a nose injury after a collision, you may need to seek fair compensation from the negligent motorist who caused the crash.

Nosebleeds after a car accident

If you hit your nose on your vehicle’s airbag, steering wheel or anything else during an automobile accident, you may have an immediate nosebleed. Unfortunately, you may also have long-term problems because of frequent nosebleeds. That is, an injury you sustain during a collision may alter the structure of your nose. Without surgery, you may have to deal with sudden nosebleeds for the rest of your life.


Your nose consists of skin, cartilage, muscle tissue and bone. Like the other bones in your body, the hard structures inside your nose can break. Not only is a broken nose often painful, but it can alter your appearance. Even worse, repairing a broken nose is not always easy.

Chemical irritation 

Vehicle airbags save lives. Still, to make airbags work, automobile manufacturers must use chemicals. They also lubricate airbags with non-toxic materials, such as talcum powder or cornstarch. As you may suspect, when an airbag deploys, you may breathe in chemicals, powders, dust or smoke. These may irritate your nasal cavity.

While nose damage may seem minor compared to other types of injuries, you cannot ignore your nasal health. Therefore, following any car crash, you should seek emergency medical care to determine if you have sustained a serious injury.

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