Winter Weather Leads to Multi-car Accident in New York

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in on Friday, January 10, 2014.

As the Polar Vortex sent Arctic winds over New York earlier this month, the bad weather led to terrible road conditions. Multiple accidents were reported throughout the state during the cold snap, as freezing rain and sleet made for slippery roadways. At one point, part of the Staten Island Expressway was shut down after an 11 car accident One person was injured in the pileup, according to the Fire Department of New York. The extent of the person’s injuries was not reported. All traffic accidents have the potential to lead to serious injury or death, but when combined with bad weather and busy roadways, a two-car accident can easily involve other vehicles and spread injury on a wide scale. These accidents can be difficult to sort out after the fact, as well. Police must investigate the scene to determine what happened and who might have been responsible, but they are also under pressure to clear the area and reopen the roadway as soon as possible. When someone is injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, the injured may seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages through a personal injury lawsuit. However, a multi-vehicle accident can make it harder to sort out who was negligent. In legal terminology, drivers are negligent when they don’t use the level of caution that a sensible person typically would under the circumstances, and this results in someone else’s injury. However, in the chaos of a multi-car collision in bad weather, it can be hard to say what a reasonable person would do. Some drivers involved in these accidents simply don’t have time to avoid a collision. Thus, it becomes very important to study the police reports and interview witnesses to try to figure out who was at fault for starting the accident, and whether that person can be held liable for all the injuries in an accident. It’s important for injured victims to have the help of an attorney with experience in personal injury cases in order to seek compensation for damages suffered in a multi-vehicle accident. An experienced attorney will know how to gather the pertinent reports and information and organize them in a way that makes sense for the court. Source: NBC New York, “11-Car Accident Closes Section of Staten Island Expressway,” Jan. 6, 2014