Winter driving tips for New Yorkers

New York has one of the lowest rates of child deaths in car accidents, with a rate of 0.067 child car accident deaths out of every 100,000 child residents. The car accident rate typically increases during the winter when there is harsher weather. Snow, ice and water on roadways mean there are more obstacles motorists need to navigate through. Drivers need to be extra careful during this time of year, and all New York drivers need to be aware of these safety tips. 

Inspect your tires

Every New Yorker should invest in a reliable set of tire chains, which are incredibly useful after a snowstorm. Even if you do not need chains, you still need to make sure your tires have enough air. This is also an excellent time to check tire tread. In the event your tread is too worn out, you have an increased risk of sliding on ice because your tires cannot grip the road. 

Increase visibility

Even when it is in the middle of the afternoon, you should have your lights on when there is any kind of inclement weather. Other drivers need to be able to see you, which is not always easy when it rains or snows. Additionally, keeping your lights on at all times ensures you see any dangers in the road before you reach them. 

Avoid driving if and when you can

If you are not comfortable driving with certain weather, then you should not get behind the wheel. New York has plenty of public transportation options if you need to get somewhere. When you do need to drive, you should travel well below the speed limit, so you have more time to slow down if necessary. However, if you do not ultimately have to be somewhere, then it will work in your best interest to stay off the roads. Fewer cars on the road makes driving safer for everyone else. 

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