What to do after getting in a car accident

Getting into a car accident is typically a nightmare scenario for everyone involved. Even if no one is injured, the experience is jarring and frightening. However, there are several steps that New York drivers can take following an accident to ensure everyone’s safety and to bolster their car insurance claim.

First, drivers must remember to stay calm. This might be hard, but keeping a clear head will help drivers remember important details about the accident to relay to law enforcement officers, insurance agents and attorneys. Second, drivers need to call 911, check themselves for injuries and then check to see if anyone else is hurt. If the vehicles involved are able to be driven and are in a dangerous location, they should be moved to the side of the road.

Once drivers make sure everyone is okay, they should start taking photos of the accident scene and writing down what they remember about the accident. They should also get the contact and insurance information from other drivers and get the names and numbers of anyone who witnessed the crash. Again, it is critical for drivers to keep a cool head and avoid arguing with other drivers about the crash. It is also important that drivers never claim responsibility for an accident. The cause of the crash will be determined by police investigators.

Individuals who are hurt in a car wreck caused by another driver may want to consult a motor vehicle accidents attorney for advice. The attorney may review the crash scene investigation report and interview witnesses to help gather evidence supporting a personal injury claim. In some cases, legal counsel may be able to negotiate a settlement from the insurance company without going to court. In other circumstances, it may be necessary to litigate the claim.


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