Unsecured items in your vehicle can be dangerous

You may not think much about automobile collisions. After all, whether you drive every day or only occasionally, you always arrive at your destination safely. Still, motor vehicle accidents in New York are probably more common than you think. In fact, according to the New York Department of Health, more than 135,000 individuals sought emergency medical treatment after a car accident in a recent two-year period.

In any automobile collision, you may expect to sustain a head, neck, back or limb injury from the impact with another vehicle. You may not, though, realize how dangerous unsecured items in your own car can be. Put simply, when you come to a sudden stop, loose belongings can become missiles. If a cellphone, water bottle or something else hits you, you may sustain a serious injury.

Keep items out of the passenger cabin 

While it may be tempting to load groceries and other items into your passenger or back seats, doing so may be dangerous. To stay safe, try to keep as many of your belongings as possible out of your vehicle’s passenger cabin. If you get in the habit of using your car’s trunk or rear area for storage, you may save your own life.

Stow your smartphone 

Like most of your neighbors, you probably use your smartphone hundreds of times throughout the day. You should put your device away until you arrive at your destination, though. Not only can an unsecured smartphone knock you unconscious during a collision, but it may also encourage you to engage in distracted driving. Either way, you want to stay off your smartphone while behind the wheel.

While you have essential items you must take with you when you drive, you do not want your belongings to become a hazard during an automobile collision. By committing to keeping loose items secured, you increase your chances of staying safe on the road.

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