Types of distractions that lead to car accidents and injuries

One of the most important tasks motorists have is to stay alert while operating their vehicles. However, many drivers in New York find driving a menial task and look to their cell phones and mobile devices to occupy their minds during commutes. The dangers of distracted driving are real, yet many motorists remain blissfully unaware and ignorant of how much of an impact a distracted driving collision can change their lives.

Distracted driving does not just involve electronic devices. It also encompasses any activity that prevents drivers from focusing on the road. Here are the most common types of driving distractions that lead to auto collisions and injuries.

Visual distractions involve taking your eyes off the driving field. Drivers must keep their eyes on the road to successfully and safely navigate the terrain and avoid errant motorists and adverse road and travel conditions. Common types of visual driving distractions include looking around in and outside the vehicle, at passengers and electronic devices.

Cognitive distractions take the mind off the task of driving. Operating a vehicle requires a great deal of conscious effort. Motorists who experience cognitive distractions have thoughts unrelated to driving, such as preoccupation with work and personal matters.

Manual distractions occur when drivers remove their hands from the steering wheel to do other things, such as eat, apply makeup, groom themselves, grab items in the car or use mobile and electronic devices.

Most drivers engage in a combination of the above distraction types while they drive, not realizing their “multitasking” significantly reduces their response times and increases the number of driving errors that lead to motor vehicle collisions and serious (and, in some cases, life-threatening) injuries. As tedious and boring as traveling may seem, motorists must take measures to protect themselves on the road, and that includes not giving in to distractions.


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