Truck accident cases are often complex

Getting into a car accident in New York or elsewhere can be a traumatic experience. Even if there are no injuries, drivers must deal with police reports, insurance claims and even lawsuits. However, getting into a collision with a large truck can be even more complicated.

Commercial trucks are much heavier than passenger vehicles, which means they tend to cause more damage, injuries and deaths when they are involved in accidents. This also means that any ensuring insurance and legal claims will be more complex. In addition, establishing the ownership of commercial trucks can be tricky because not all truckers own their own rigs. Instead, some drivers lease their trucks from their employer or are involved in rent-to-own plans, which can make it hard to determine legal liability.

Meanwhile, truckers, trucking companies and insurance companies often attempt to get out of paying settlements after crashes and can purposely complicate an accident’s aftermath at any stage. Truck drivers are also subject to specific federal regulations that don’t apply to non-commercial drivers. If a trucker is suspected to have violated one of these regulations, such as the hours-of-service rule, it could take some time to prove, further delaying the settlement process. Finally, many trucks come equipped with black boxes, which can prove if a trucker was speeding or failed to brake before a crash. However, analyzing the data on these boxes can add time and complexity to a truck crash case.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent truck drivers don’t have to deal with the trucking and insurance companies on their own. A personal injury attorney might review a victim’s circumstances and build a solid case against the responsible parties. Legal counsel may then work to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company or litigate the case in court.

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