Tips for staying safe on the winter roads

New York residents will want to head out on the winter roads only when they need to since icy and snowy conditions can easily set the stage for an auto accident. Once on the road, drivers will want to consider the following safety tips. The first tip is to bring down one’s speed. After all, the faster one goes, the less traction the tires have.

To prevent a rear-end collision, drivers should increase the distance between themselves and the car in front. A minimum of five to six seconds is recommended, and this holds for all seasons. Braking should be a gradual and not a harsh maneuver. Drivers can try to avoid braking to a complete stop at a traffic light since accelerating from a stopped position is hard on icy, slick roads.

There is a proper way to brake when the car is equipped with automatic braking systems or with features like brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution, so drivers should be aware of this. With accelerating, as with braking, gently is better. Before going up a hill, drivers should gain some momentum on the flat portion. On the hill, they should ideally never have to accelerate or brake. Accelerating may cause the wheels to spin uselessly. At the crest, drivers must beware of oncoming traffic.

Bad weather may contribute to motor vehicle crashes, but drivers can only blame themselves if they were speeding, tailgating or being negligent in some other way. Victims of a negligent driver are entitled to compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and other economic and non-economic damages, and they may want to have the help of an attorney when pursuing it.

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