Three Tips to Avoid Car Accidents in New York

Living in New York means you are no stranger to traffic congestion and drivers who ignore traffic signs and rules. You may even be guilty of committing a few unsanctioned driving behaviors yourself. Regardless of your past driving history, it is important for you to understand how dangerous and life-changing a single car wreck can be for you and other involved parties.

Car accidents are a daily occurrence. But you can reduce your chances of ending up in one. Keep these guidelines in mind to avoid collision with a motorist, object or pedestrian.

1. Pay attention to the speed limit

Drivers who speed or drive too slow are not obeying posted speed limits. Their actions make it harder for other motorists to obey these rules. Occasionally you may feel tempted to speed up a bit because you see other drivers doing it. Ignore this temptation and obey the speed limit. If you find yourself going too fast or slow, immediately adjust your acceleration.

2. Keep your vehicle in good shape

Many people ignore the importance of timely auto repairs and maintenance. Little do they realize is that doing so can lead to mechanical failures and a higher risk of car accidents. If your car needs service, have the work done promptly. Do not wait until your vehicle is on its last legs to take it in for repairs. A poorly maintained vehicle can make it harder for you to safely maneuver and avoid crash conditions, especially in heavy traffic.

3. Travel at a safe distance

All too often, rear-end car accidents happen when motorists tailgate. Always keep a safe traveling distance between your car and the one in front of you. This is easier to achieve when you adhere to traffic rules and posted speed limits.

Motor vehicle wrecks are going to happen. But it is possible to minimize your chances of being in one and sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries by keeping these safety suggestions in mind.