Three Things Besides Cellphones That Cause Distractions While Driving

You have likely heard the campaigns about ending distracted driving. Cellphone companies have gotten in on the cause in an effort to force drivers to put down their phones behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that accidents caused by distractions are still rising. In 2016, 3,450 motorists died in accidents due to in-car distractions.

Being distracted behind the wheel is getting easier, and cellphones are not the only culprit. It is a good idea to know what might qualify as a distraction before you find yourself in an accident.

1. Navigation

One of the most popular integrated systems in newer vehicles is GPS. The convenience brings with it a huge problem: the distraction. While some vehicles will not allow you to program your destination address once you put the car in gear, others do. It is also much easier to look down at the map on the screen to get your bearings and possibly wind up drifting between lanes.

2. Radio

The radio used to be the only real electronic distraction, and that was back when there were knobs used to find a station and control volume. Nowadays, most vehicles have a whole entertainment center built in, complete with a large LED screen right. There are controls available on steering wheels, but it is not uncommon for drivers to take their eyes from the road just long enough to cause a real problem.

3. Passengers

Driving with other people is probably quite a common occurrence for most drivers. Did you know that passengers can be a real hazard when the driver is trying to concentrate? Even common things such as reading a news article aloud or simple chit-chat may become dangerous if a driver is not fully attuned to the road ahead.

Car accidents happen for many reasons. Minimizing distractions inside the vehicle helps keep you and other motorists safe on roadways.