Three Summer Hazards for Drivers in Western New York

You may think only winter time comes with road hazards and high rates of accidents in western New York. Of course, snow and ice cause very dangerous driving conditions, but summer comes with its own risks as well.

It is important to be aware of them so you can stay safe and have an enjoyable summer free of dealing with insurance companies. Here are just three common hazards to prepare for.

1. Rainfall

April showers last longer than just spring, extending all the way through fall. Rainy days are a common event most of the year, leading to slippery roads and poorer visibility. You may think because you are used to driving in this weather, you do not have to be any more careful than normal. But performing safety measures such as slowing down is not just about you not causing an accident. It also gives you time to react to someone else’s poor driving.

2. Tourists

The beautiful Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario attract many visitors to the area in the summer. This means more people on the road, increasing the odds of accidents happening. In addition, tourists who are coming for the first time will not be familiar with routes. They may be distracted with electronic devices, such as a GPS, and make last-minute maneuvers. Be sure to leave enough space between you and other vehicles to allow time and room for sudden stops.

3. Teen drivers

Once school lets out, teenagers will be out on the roads with their summer plans. Although New York is one of the safest states for teens, there is still a high risk of them getting into motor vehicle accidents this time of year. This is mostly due to inexperience, though actions such as speeding and texting while driving also contribute.

If you become injured in an accident due to a careless driver, speak to a personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your legal options.