Three Safety Hazards to Note While on a Construction Site

When working on a construction site, you need to keep your eyes open for hazards. Between the broader workforce, machinery and tools, carelessness occurs leaving the door open for catastrophic injuries.

When it comes to keeping workers safe, construction sites should require a high level of safety measures meant to reduce the chances an incident occurs. However, even with all the gear and tips, accidents still happen. Check out these three safety hazards to watch out for while working on the site.

1. Equipment not stored properly

One of the most significant safety hazard that occurs is the improper storage of tools. With so many people around, some may become careless and leave tools lying out. While it does not seem like the errant drill is dangerous, it can quickly turn that way. Tools that are not stowed away can become:

  • Electrocution hazards if near standing water
  • Tripping hazards if you do not see them
  • Falling hazards if someone kicks them over the side and they hit someone below

Store your tools properly to prevent an incident.

2. Machinery operated by untrained workers

If you have never used a crane before, do not climb in and think you can figure out what to do. Injuries can quickly occur when an untrained person gets behind the controls of equipment. Cranes especially pose a serious threat to amateur drivers. They can slam into things like buildings and people. If not tethered, they can fall off of a higher point and crush people below.

3. Workers failing to use a tether

The most common injury on a construction site is a fall. Workers balancing on high levels should always anchor themselves with the proper tether equipment. However, this does not always happen for one reason or another. Falls from any height can cause catastrophic injuries and death.

Diligence and attention to detail can mean the difference between going home safely at the end of a shift and never going home again.