Three Myths of Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are not always fender benders. They can result in serious injuries, which was the case for a Massachusetts man who suffered injuries from a traffic collision while in New York in late June. 

The days and weeks that follow may be stressful. You should contact your auto insurance agency right away to begin the claims process so that you can try to receive compensation for medical expenses and car repairs. During this time, you do not want to fall for one of the numerous myths that persist about car accident claims

Myth #1: The insurance company has your best interests at heart

Although you need to contact your insurance company right away, you need to be cautious with what you tell them. You do not have to give all the details during the initial phone call. From there, your attorney can handle all communications with the insurance adjuster. Your lawyer will look at the first settlement offer and determine if it is appropriate for all of your expenses. From there, you can decide whether you want to pursue legal action. 

Myth #2: You should try to work it out with the other party

Dealing with insurance adjusters is not fun. You may think you can talk with the other driver and work out a situation on your own. However, you have no idea of knowing whether the other driver, even if he or she is totally at fault, will pay up. 

Myth #3: You will always get some compensation

A lot of people assume they will always receive something, even if it is not necessarily all of the money they would like. It is possible your insurance company will look at your claim and decide not to give you anything initially. Insurance claims take into account a variety of factors, so you need to prepare to fight to get coverage for all of your upcoming expenses.