Thousands killed in pedestrian accidents every year

Getting outside to enjoy New York’s beautiful summer weather can be challenging for individuals who are busy with work, school, and family commitments. However, many people enjoy walks throughout their cities and neighborhoods to decompress, slow down, and to breathe in fresh air. A daily walk can do a person a lot of good for both mind and body, but New Yorkers who take to the streets on foot should be aware of a very real and serious danger.

Pedestrian accidents, or collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles, are a dangerous and sometimes life-threatening form of occurrence that plague American streets and intersections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 6,000 people lost their lives in pedestrian accidents throughout the United States during 2017.

Although anyone can be harmed in a crash with a moving car, truck, or sport utility vehicle, certain members of the population are more likely to become victims of these serious accidents. For example, children are prone to accidents with vehicles. Their relatively small stature and impulsivity can put them in the paths of drivers who do not see them. Additionally, older individuals suffer accidents with vehicles when drivers do not give them enough time to cross through streets.

There are many steps that pedestrians can take to avoid collisions with cars. From when they choose to walk to what they choose to wear, pedestrians can make themselves visible while following traffic laws to prevent unfortunate accidents. However, motor vehicle drivers must also practice safe and legal driving in order to avoid creating life-altering harm for pedestrian accident victims and their families. Those who do suffer injuries due to pedestrian accidents may be able to pursue their losses through personal injury litigation.

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