Teens are most likely to drive while distracted, says study

University researchers have released a study of distracted driving and other behaviors among teenage drivers. The study gathered data between 2011 and 2013 by monitoring 3,400 drivers. According to one of the researchers involved with the study, they looked at how often drivers were distracted and recorded the distraction using one of more than 60 different distraction type codes. Drivers in New York are at risk of being involved in distracted driver accidents, and research like this can help the behavior be better understood.

The distraction categories used in the study included talking or listening on a cell phone, browsing the web and texting while driving. The risk of a distracted driving crash was highest when the driver was distracted by something outside of the car, like rubbernecking. The second most dangerous category of distraction was active cell phone use, which included things that required the driver to hold the phone, like using the web browser or sending text messages.

The research indicated that teenage drivers were the most likely to drive while distracted, regardless of distraction type. This is also the group with the highest crash rate. The instrumentation used in the study, according to one of the researchers, allowed for more information than ever before about what was happening both inside and outside the vehicle. This is a big advantage over other studies that had to rely on police reports or witness accounts.

People in New York who are injured in distracted driving accidents may be entitled to recover for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses or other damages. An attorney who practices personal injury law might be able to help injured parties by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses or identifying parties that have liability. A lawyer may also be able to negotiate a monetary settlement with the other side or draft and file a complaint for recovery.


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