Teenage drunk driving statistics from top three worst states

In 1984, the National Minimum Legal Drinking Act set out that individuals had to be 21 years of age in order to consume alcohol in the United States. However, major problems associated with underage drinking, like motor vehicle accidents, are still of concern. New York residents may be interested in knowing how some states rank when it comes to underage drinking and car accidents.

After collecting data from various sources, an agency that offers car insurance quotes ranked the 15 worst states. Arkansas ranked the highest in teens who drink and drive. Statistics showed that 10.7% of teens get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Over 26% of teens ride in vehicles that are operated by someone who has been drinking. Of every 100,000 individuals, 4.8 deaths were caused by drunk driving.

The state of Louisiana ranked as second worst. The data shows that 10% of teens drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Just over 28% of teens ride in a vehicle when the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Of every 100,000 individuals, 4.7 deaths are caused by drunk driving.

Third on the list is Montana. The statistics show that 7.6% of teens drive after consuming alcohol. Nearly 20% of teens have been in a vehicle while the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Of every 100,000 individuals, 5.4 people die in traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.

The good news is that there has been an improvement over the years. Despite improvements, though, many people are the victims of car accidents that are caused by a reckless driver or a negligent driver. Individuals who have been the victim of a car accident may speak decide to speak with an attorney. The attorney may be able to provide legal advice regarding compensation for pain and suffering, catastrophic injuries and other matters related to motor vehicle accidents.


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