Suspect in fatal New York crash has lengthy criminal record

Court records show that the New York man a­ccused of causing an accident that killed two teenagers has a history of traffic violations and criminal convictions. Troopers with the New York State Police say the 22-year-old man struck an SUV carrying four high school students when he suddenly and aggressively switched lanes. In addition to the fatalities, two of the SUV’s occupants were severely injured. Charges are currently pending against the suspect, who suffered cuts to his head during the car accident.Police say the suspect underwent an alcohol test immediately after the crash, which he reportedly failed. However, the state police crime lab has yet to release the results of a more detailed toxicology test. Troopers also claim the suspect was speeding at the time of the accident, estimating that his rate of speed exceeded 70 or 75 miles per hour.The suspect’s landlord described the man as rude and disrespectful, explaining that she planned on evicting him due to his and his live-in girlfriend’s poor treatment of the apartment. She alleges that a handyman hired to conduct repairs at the unit refused to return after being treated poorly by the suspect.Additionally, police claim the couple ran an illegal drug dealing business out of the apartment and charged them with cannabis distribution after conducting a search of the premises. The county’s child protective services took custody of the pair’s infant daughter at that time. However, officers could not further discuss the man’s criminal history. In addition to drug charges, the man was convicted of disorderly conduct on two occasions.The suspect has also been convicted of speeding three times within 18 months. His drivers’ license was suspended for nearly a year, but was valid at the time of the fatal accident.Source: “A troubled past, now an uncertain future,” Paul Grondahl, Dec. 6, 2012


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