Summer holidays prove dangerous for drivers

You expect your summer to be full of fun and relaxation as you enjoy the warm weather and time off school or work. You do not think that a weekend holiday trip will be dangerous, yet the summer holidays tend to be the mostĀ hazardous for drivers for various reasons.

Understanding why and doing what you can to be safe can help you to have an accident-free season.

Which holidays are the most dangerous?

The singleĀ day with the deadliest car accidents is Independence Day, July 4, reports CBS News. The weekend with the most fatalities is Memorial Day weekend. Labor Day is also at the top of the list.

Why are summer holidays so deadly?

Many factors play a role in creating risk of death when driving in summer. First, there are more travelers on the road and traveling farther distances, adding to traffic congestion and other challenges that lead to higher chances of colliding with another vehicle. Visitors to the area may not know routes very well, either. All drivers also experience much distraction, from eating to checking the GPS to texting loved ones of how the road trip is going. Travelers may be drowsy as well.

Another major reason is the high number of drunk drivers behind the wheel. Holidays are notorious for being opportunities to get drunk at get-togethers. As summer holidays usually do not come with much time off work, intoxicated people unwisely decide to drive home immediately after their celebrations instead of waiting until they are sober.

The pleasant weather also brings out more pedestrians, cyclists and bikers. If you are a part of these vulnerable populations, do what you can to make yourself more visible and avoid dangerous situations, such as avoiding distractions and not driving at night. If you are a driver, follow all traffic laws, share the road and be observant to prevent getting into an accident.


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