Software can cut costs and reduce medical errors

Patients in New York may understand the consequences that a medical error can have. A study from the University of Colorado found that data entry errors were made by radiologists in up to 28 percent of ultrasound and DEXA reports. By having computer software enter the data, it could be possible to increase accuracy while saving up to $1 million in costs.

In fact, researchers believe that the savings could be even higher if applied to all ultrasounds conducted. The study only looked at 253 ultrasound and 50 DEXA absorptiometry reports. Those reports were collected from 30 sonographers and eight radiologists. If a data entry error is made, it could result in a patient receiving improper care. This could result in longer hospital stays or a longer recovery period in general. A patient who receives poor care could choose to file a lawsuit because of the financial and physical costs incurred.

Those who receive improper diagnoses could face significant consequences even if the original condition was a relatively minor one. The researchers did note that there would be an upfront cost to installing the equipment. However, they also said that it would provide a varying level of benefit over time to each institution that decide to adopt data integration software.

If a doctor’s medical error results in a person getting sick or experiencing even more significant symptoms, this could be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Assuming that doctor negligence did play a role in a person’s worsened health condition, an individual may be entitled to compensation for hospital bills or other medical expenses.


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