Six Signs of Aggressive Driving

Drivers on New York’s highways face a wide variety of different hazards, and other drivers could be the greatest risk you face on the roadways. More than half of fatal car crashes involve an aggressive driver, and keeping yourself and your passengers safe could depend on spotting these drivers before they put you in danger.

1. Overusing the horn

If you have shared the road with an aggressive driver, you may have heard them overuse their car horn.

2. Yelling or making rue hand gestures

Nearly half of aggressive drivers express their anger by shouting at other drivers, and this can be an early sign that other drivers have lost their temper.

3. Speeding

Whether drivers are simply impatient or they intentionally disobey speed limits, aggressive driving can often result in speeding.

4. Failing to yield right of way

Cutting off other drivers, turning without checking for oncoming traffic and ignoring yield signs could be a sign that another driver’s anger has gotten the best of them.

5. Failing to follow traffic laws

Aggressive drivers may disobey traffic laws in an effort to drive faster or avoid traffic. They may drive on the shoulder or median to bypass other vehicles, pass in no-passing zones, make illegal U-turns or disobey traffic signs or stoplights.

6. Tailgating

Tailgating puts other drivers at serious risk of a rear-end collision, and aggressive drivers are particularly prone to this behavior. They may pull too close to the bumper of another car while speeding, intentionally crowd other vehicles to intimidate their drivers or weave in and out of traffic.

What to do if you share the road with an aggressive driver

Defensive driving is one of your best protections against aggressive drivers. Do your best to drive carefully, obey traffic laws and leave plenty of room between your vehicle and others. If you can, give aggressive drivers plenty of space on the road, and consider contacting the authorities. Most importantly, don’t make eye contact or engage with aggressive drivers.

If you have been harmed by an aggressive driver, get to safety and report the accident. You should also consider contacting an attorney so that you can take legal action against them and get the support you need after a car crash.