Serious Injuries May Result from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents affect too many New Yorkers each and every year. For some, the injuries they sustained in car accidents may impact their quality of life long into the future. For others, vehicle collision injuries may permanently alter their abilities to live independently.

Anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident should seek medical help to ensure that their health is unaffected or to have their injuries treated. Not all serious accident injuries are readily apparent, and some may not begin to manifest until minutes or even hours after the trauma is sustained. A medical evaluation after an accident can help a victim document the losses which then later may be necessary to prove damages in a personal injury claim.

One serious form of car accident injury that may significantly harm a victim is head trauma. A victim may suffer head trauma when head strikes a surface such as a steering wheel or dashboard in a crash. Head trauma can also occur when projectiles penetrate the skull and lodge in the brain. Concussions and other more serious forms of traumatic brain injuries may not always be obvious in the immediate aftermath of crashes but may cause victims serious distress or even death.

Spinal cord injuries are another form of serious harm that car accident victims can suffer. Damage to the spinal cord can result in loss of body control and movement. Some who have spinal cord damage from car accidents may be permanently paralyzed from their injuries.

Though some car accidents are minor incidents that may leave victims unscathed, others can be life-altering or even life-ending traumatic events. Recovering from such experiences can take a lot of help from experienced doctors and knowledgeable attorneys. Victims of motor vehicle accidents can discuss their pending claims for specific advice as this post provides no legal guidance or medical recommendations.


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