Safety technologies may present surprising dangers

While a number of technologies are being introduced into newer vehicles to help make the roads safer in New York and across the country, some road safety advocates warn that they may contribute to distracted driving. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, technologies like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist may make drivers more likely to feel that they can let the cars lead the way rather than staying fully aware of what is happening around them. While the foundation said that the technologies improve safety when operated correctly, it warned that many drivers fail to take proper precautions and put too much faith in automated systems to avoid a crash.

As a result, drivers’ likelihood of causing a motor vehicle collision can actually increase when using these safety technologies. As the auto industry delves more deeply into technologies that could enable future fully autonomous driving, it has unveiled a number of enhancements that can make driving safer. However, today’s vehicles are not self-driving cars. The human driver must remain fully aware of everything going on around them while operating a car with adaptive cruise control turned on and be ready to make decisions and take action at an instant’s notice.

These technologies do not yet make it safe for drivers to operate their vehicles while distracted, texting or surfing the internet. Unfortunately, the foundation said that drivers are more likely to operate their vehicles while distracted when using these technologies. The drivers are less likely to be able to make decisions in an emergent roadway situation.

Distracted driving is a major contributor to a growing number of serious collisions, taking thousands of lives every year and injuring many more. People who have been injured in car accidents due to someone else’s negligent driving may work with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation.


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