Safety group cites speeding as big contributor to traffic deaths

Highway commuters in New York might feel the need to drive fast, but speeding plays a significant role in traffic fatalities. A new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association seeks to renew the focus on the risks of speeding, especially because society seems to condone driving over the speed limit. Drawing upon current data and research, the association concluded that speeding contributes to almost one-third of total traffic deaths.

The executive director of the GHSA said that public agencies needed to pay more attention to the threat of speeding. He recommended that federal, state and local governments assign more resources to combat the problem. The association’s report suggested multiple strategies to encourage drivers to slow down. These tactics included additional law enforcement campaigns, automated speed enforcement and roundabouts to slow traffic at intersections.

Researchers have identified rural highways as a large source of speeding fatalities. In 2016, over 5,000 people died in wrecks on those types of roads. The report from the GHSA urged rural, suburban and urban areas to make speed reduction a top priority to save lives. Speeding adds to the severity of crashes and poses extra danger to pedestrians and bicyclists.

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