Property owners may be liable for construction zone injuries

As a major contributor to New York’s economy, a healthy and booming construction industry means consistent employment for many of the state’s residents. While construction is generally considered to be a dangerous career field, federal and state law and local ordinances require extensive safety measures to be in place on construction projects. Nevertheless, the rate of construction workplace injuries has recently soared. An early 2018 report indicates that the construction industry is on pace to report its highest number of job-related injuries in a decade.

The upward trend in construction-related accidents has emerged despite government efforts to increase workplace safety for construction workers. While an increase in construction projects and accident reporting may be contributing factors to the trend, preliminary reports only reflect accidents that occurred prior to the end of the year. Therefore, a full report on the number of construction-related injuries for the year will likely reflect a higher number.

Nearly three-quarters of construction workers in New York state work in New York City. In response to the increase in construction related accidents, New York City has enacted multiple measures to reduce workplace injuries. In addition to imposing higher fines on employers for safety violations, New York City has also begun to implement more robust oversight on construction projects.

Construction zone accidents may result in the injured party filling a claim against the property owner. A New York construction zone accident lawyer may be able to help property owners who have been named in a construction injury lawsuit determine the best approach to defending themselves in court. In addition to helping the property owner understand his or her rights, a seasoned attorney may help defendants in construction zone injury cases better understand all available legal options and make informed decisions.


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