Opinion: Regarding accident risk, truck size doesn’t matter

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Truck Accidents on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

In response to a recent opinion written about the proposition of increasing the weight limit of trucks allowed on highways, the executive director of the New York State Motor Truck Association has challenged alleged misperceptions. She refutes the theory that allowing bigger commercial trucks on the highways would be bad news for New Yorkers’ and the general public’s safety. Not only is it not a logical assumption that bigger trucks would lead to more truck accidents, but the source claims that the proposition would mean good news for a tough economy. The executive director of NYSMTA suggests that those who fear allowing bigger trucks on the interstates are spooked regarding traffic fatalities because they are ignoring a crucial point. There are extremely safe truck drivers behind the wheels of commercial vehicles, which is why the rate of truck accident fatalities is at such a low rate. Between 2006 and 2009 in New York alone, the rate has decreased by 37 percent. Truckers have to be given some credit for the improved fatality rates. If they are safe behind the wheels of 80,000-pound trucks, why wouldn’t they continue to be safe when driving the proposed 97,000-pound trucks? The bigger trucks themselves would be required to meet certain safety standards in regard to their structures as a safety precaution. Altered, more secured structures of the heavier trucks would also reportedly protect the roads and bridges on which they would be permitted to drive. The NYSMTA source highlights that point in order to reject the notion that the trucks would do damage to transportation infrastructures, costing the public tax dollars. She even presents a U.S. Department of Transportation argument that larger trucks could mean billions of tax dollars saved in the long-term. How would you feel if the weight limit of trucks that can use interstates increases? Would you feel that your safety is threatened? Feel free to share your opinions on this blog. Source Albany Times Union: “Heavier trucks still can be safe trucks,” Kendra Adams, 12 May 2011


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