Nonprofit group maps the nation’s leading accident hotspots

Three intersections in New York City are among the nation’s worst traffic accident hotspots according to a study released on Jan. 29 by a San Francisco-based nonprofit group. After scrutinizing 1,846,245 car accidents that took place in the United States in 2018 and 2019, Go Safe Labs found that the points at which Interstate 95 meets the Harlem River Drive, Sedgewick Avenue and Riverside Avenue near the George Washington Bridge ranked second, fifth and eighth in the country for number of collisions. The researchers put this down to the huge volume of traffic that crosses from New Jersey into Manhattan each day.

The study also ranked the American cities where drivers get into the most accidents; Houston, Charlotte and Los Angeles took the top three spots. The overall number of car accidents rose by 6.8% to 953,630 in 2019 according to the study, but some of the cities where drivers crash the most often actually saw fewer collisions.

Accidents in Raleigh declined by more than 25% in 2019, but the North Carolina city was still dangerous enough to occupy the sixth place on the Go Safe Labs list. Similar decreases were observed in Nashville, Charlotte and Houston. The researchers behind the study say that the common denominators in all of these accident hotspots are heavy traffic, rush-hour congestion and impatient drivers.

Previous studies have revealed that the overwhelming majority of motor vehicle accidents are caused by some sort of human error. Road users who suffer injury, loss or damage in preventable accidents may pursue compensation by taking legal action against the negligent motorists responsible. When experienced personal injury attorneys file car accident lawsuits, they may seek compensatory damages to cover out-of-pocket expenses like medical bills and property damage as well as the income that accident victims lose while they are recovering from their injuries and are unable to work.


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