NEW YORK MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN HIT-AND-RUN CRASHA 22-year-old woman faces criminal charges following her involvement in a car crash that left a middle-aged bicyclist with a number of severe injuries. The suspect was charged with driving with an obstructed view, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury, failure to use due care while driving near a bicyclist, driving on shoulder of a roadway, second degree vehicular assault after she allegedly struck the victim with her car and then fled from the crash site. She was released on $2,500 bail shortly after her arraignment in New York.Police say the auto accident occurred as the victim was riding his bicycle home from work on the north side of a state highway. Although investigators have not received any witness reports of the accident, they believe that the suspect struck the victim with her vehicle, throwing the man from his bicycle.Responders located the injured victim after a passing motorist called the authorities to report a damaged bicycle next to a body on the side of the highway. Police responded the call and arrived at the scene approximately 15 minutes after the accident. They reportedly confirmed the suspect’s identity at this time, finding her in a nearby home.Police say the victim underwent emergency surgery following the accident and remains in intensive care at last report. The man sustained a number of severe injuries, including a fractured femur and serious trauma to his chest and head. Investigators reportedly failed to find a protective helmet at the crash site. Authorities were initially unable to determine the man’s identity as he was unconscious after the accident, but did confirm that he has relatives in Mexico.The suspect was not injured in crash, but her car reportedly suffered damage to its body and windshield.


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