New car features are effective in preventing crashes

The results of a study from J.D. Power may confirm what many New York drivers think about new car safety features: namely, that these features really are effective in preventing crashes. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, as these features are called, can help save the lives of those who use them in addition to the lives of others on the road.

In the study, more than half of the respondents said that ADAS helped prevent at least one crash in the first 90 days of owning their vehicle. Blind spot alerts proved to be effective for 49% of the respondents. These alert systems are connected to sensors that detect cars in blind spots. Automakers still charge for this feature, but this is because car owners are willing to pay for it.

For 42% of the respondents, it was the backup cameras and parking sensors that allowed them to avoid a collision, while 35% mentioned either forward collision warning systems or automatic emergency braking as having the same benefit. There are numerous other ADAS that can protect drivers and pedestrians, including pedestrian detection and braking, adaptive cruise control and lane centering devices.

There is a catch-22, though. While the devices may prevent accidents, they can also lead to more costly ones. The sensors that come with them are known to be expensive.

In the event of a motor vehicle crash, the question of fault will arise. It may be that both were to blame to some degree, in which case those who are less to blame may still be eligible for compensation. A successful nsurance claim could cover victims for medical expenses, lost wages, future lost income and other losses, but insurance companies can be aggressive in denying payment, so victims may wish to have a lawyer conduct negotiations.


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