More data is needed to keep drivers safe

Over 40,000 traffic fatalities took place each year between 2016 and 2018. According to the National Safety Council, New York and other states could do more to determine why crashes occur. The NSC says that there are 23 different pieces of information that should be obtained by police after an accident. However, no state obtains more than 14 pieces of data, and states such as Nebraska only obtain data on five of these 23 variables.

In New York, police do not record information about a driver’s blood alcohol content if that person was below the legal limit of .08% when the crash occurred. No state in the nation collects data about the role advanced driver assistance features may play in an accident. Furthermore, no state collects data about a driver’s fatigue level following a wreck.

The NSC recommends that authorities take steps to collect data about advanced driver features through electronic means. It also suggests that police officers and others treat crash inquiries more like investigations. Finally, those who gather data about car crashes should look into the issues that new technology systems may cause. Currently, only three states collect information about whether infotainment systems were used before a crash.

Someone who experienced an injury or property loss in an auto accident may obtain compensation if the crash was caused by a negligent driver. A driver could be negligent if they were tired, impaired or distracted when the wreck took place. An attorney may use cellphone records and other information to show that another driver or another party acted in a negligent manner. Auto accident cases may be resolved in court or through a negotiated settlement.

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