Determining liability in multiple car pileup accidents often takes detailed investigation on the part of all parties involved. Such diligence will no doubt be exercised in the case of a Rochester, New York pedestrian accident that sent one man to the hospital yesterday morning. The incident occurred as a man crossed Driving Park Avenue near the Maplewood Family YMCA and Rose Garden, just northwest of downtown. A preliminary police report indicates the man had been collecting bottles in a cart in front of the workout facility early that morning. A car approached as he was attempting to cross Driving Park Avenue and stopped to let the man proceed. As he walked across the street, a pickup truck approached the scene behind the first vehicle and failed to also stop to let the man cross. The pickup truck crashed into the rear of the first car, causing the first car to lunge forward and hit the pedestrian. The police report indicates the force of impact from the first car on the pedestrian caused him to fly nearly 30 feet in the air. Emergency responders took the man to nearby Strong Hospital, where it was determined he had suffered a broken wrist and several broken ribs from being hit by the car. So far, Rochester police have only issued a ticket to the driver of the pickup truck, as he was found to be driving with a suspended license. The man hit in by the car had yet to be identified as of Thursday morning. It will be interesting to watch how this pedestrian accident case plays out in the local media. Source: ABC13 WHAM


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