Love riding? Watch out for these 3 dangers this summer.

With summer approaching, more and more motorcyclists will be hitting New York roads. Especially in warmer months, motorcycle riders occupy a special position on our roadways.

Bikers enjoy certain freedoms, but they also assume some certain risks that other motorists do not. If you are new to biking, be aware of these common motorcycle dangers. Alertness and attentiveness can save your life.

Three common risks unique to riding a motorcycle:

1.     Low visual recognition:

Motorcycles have small visual profiles and are harder to spot than cars in all conditions. In fact, they are especially hard to view in vehicle blind spots. Always be on the lookout for signaling and lane transfers.

2.     Road hazards:

Minor nuisances for an automobile, such as potholes, oil, puddles, debris, ruts, uneven pavement and train tracks, can pose major hazards for motorcycles, as they are smaller in size. For this reason, it helps to anticipate and avoid any perils ahead.

3.     Speed “wobble”:

At high speeds, a motorcycle may become unstable and “wobble.” This can result from misalignment of motorcycle tires. To prevent an accident, it is a good idea to get regular bike checkups.

Keep this in mind: Motorists of standard passenger vehicles tend to forget that they share the road with bikers. This is a common problem on our roads. If you are involved in an accident, ensure that your rights are preserved and protected. In a fight against a larger car, you may endure some egregious losses.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, ensure that immediate medical attention is sought. After this, it is best to have an attorney review the details of what happened. Your motorcycle insurance may differ from standard automobile coverage. A legal professional can assist you with applicable laws, coverage and any questions you have related to recovery.


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