Is having ADHD a driving liability?

If you suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you are not alone. Many New York motorists have the condition. It is incurable, though it can be safely managed with medications, therapy and other treatments. Many diagnosed individuals rely on medications to manage their symptoms. However, there are many individuals who forgo treatment or do not know they suffer from it.

The symptoms of ADHD can affect a person’s driving performance, increasing the chances of them crashing their vehicles and hurting themselves and others. The condition interferes with the ability to focus and remember things, and it increases impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Because there are many diagnosed and undiagnosed ADHD motorists, take some time to learn how the condition affects road safety.

ADHD makes driving much more dangerous

Drivers must focus on using their defensive driving skills and safely operating their vehicles. ADHD sufferers find it more challenging to remain focused and are likely to use distractions to prevent boredom. Depending on how severe an ADHD individual’s symptoms are, they may also experience trouble making rational decisions, especially when they are behind the steering wheel and must react quickly. Their driving errors keep them from avoiding risks the way most motorists do, and this increases the likelihood of collisions.

Researchers have found that car accident rates are higher when drivers suffer from ADHD. Though this illness is a legitimate medical condition, it does not prevent injured accident victims from holding anyone who has it liable for their injuries and property damage. Also, victims of motor vehicle collisions who have ADHD have a higher risk of developing complications that make their symptoms more severe and crippling.

Whether you have ADHD or not, always use safe driving behaviors because you never know if the motorists on the road with you have it and are using medications to manage their symptoms and drive defensively. You should also see a physician to learn if you have the condition and require treatment.

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