How technology can help you avoid and react to car accidents

Car accidents are bound to happen. Even the most careful drivers may get into collisions due to negligent motorists. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available to help you both avoid crashes and get help if you are in one.

Aside from defensive driving, modern technology provides many ways to keep you safe while on the road. Here are some notable apps and devices to assist you.

Weather apps

Inclement weather is a major factor in many wrecks. There are numerous weather apps available for iOS and Android smartphones. Checking the weather is especially helpful before any long road trips.

Crash-detection apps

There are tons of apps on the market that can help when crashes occur. Here are some popular choices:

  • Android Q
  • Volvo Car Accident Advisor
  • Driver360

Not only do these apps document your crash, but you can also use them to inform loved ones, local authorities and your insurance provider about your collision.

Dash cameras

You can install a dashcam to continuously record your driving. People often use this as a security measure, but it is also useful for having documentation of accidents. The footage can help determine fault and assist you during insurance claims and injury lawsuits. Additionally, some cameras, such as Owlcam, can contact emergency responders and send videos to your phone, so you can show it to police officers, lawyers and insurance agents.

Uber app

Sometimes, you may not be the one driving when involved in a collision. With the popularity of ridesharing apps, it is essential to make sure you are ready for potential involvement in an Uber accident. Thankfully, the ride-hailing app now has a crash-detection capability. If the app senses a crash, you can use the Ride Check feature to pull up the Safety Toolkit. From there, you can call 911 or contact Uber’s safety team.


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