How certain factors contribute to car accidents

You may think you are one of the safest drivers in the New York area. You may even have a pristine driving record as evidence. But every second you spend on the roads and behind the wheel is one that puts you at risk of suffering an injury in a car accident. You do not need to cause an accident to be in one. All it takes is one distracted or negligent driver, malfunctioning vehicle, or drowsy trucker to compromise your health and life.

There are a variety of factors that lead to car accidents. Some of them are predictable, but many of them are not. Driving defensively and following all traffic rules can minimize the number of accident situations you encounter, but they do not completely eliminate them. Here are some factors for you to consider about car accidents.

Your personality may play a role in driving behavior

People who are extroverts are more likely to succumb to distractions and take driving risks. The road is not the most exciting place, and many motorists find the task of driving tedious and boring. These reasons and others do not justify them not staying attentive to the roads and traffic conditions.

The type of technology your vehicle has is a contributing factor

Many motorists who drive newer model vehicles face distractions by the technology they have at their fingertips. Some of them overestimate the safety capabilities of their cars and trucks and resort to using the infotainment and GPS systems instead of watching traffic.

The conditions on the roads are always changing. In the few seconds it takes for you to read and respond to a text, answer a phone call, and look away from the road to pick up an object in your vehicle are enough to cause an accident and keep you from avoiding one.

Road conditions mixed with inattentive motorists, alcohol and other hazards make the roads an unpredictable and unsafe place for drivers. Besides working to improve your driving skills, you should avoid distractions and bad habits that can lead to you sustaining harm or your loved ones suffering injuries and death.


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