How car accidents happen

There are a number of reasons why automobile accidents happen. The driver may have control over some of them. Other circumstances appear out of the blue. For example, when someone is driving down the road in upstate New York and a deer runs out in front of them, an accident can happen. The driver cannot control which way a deer goes or when a deer is going to appear. It’s this unpredictability that makes animals dangerous to drivers.

Something else that a driver cannot control or predict is the weather. Dense fog may appear out of nowhere. While on a long road trip, snow or rain may spring up unexpectedly. High winds and icy road conditions can make driving a challenge for drivers. Drastic changes in temperatures can damage roads, making them dangerous for drivers to be on.

On rare occasions, the automobile may malfunction. Since it was not built properly, a gas pedal may stick, brakes may not engage, or other mechanical parts may break. Usually, when a defect in a series of automobiles is noted, the manufacturer will have a recall. It is up to drivers to be aware of these recalls and to make repairs as soon as it is possible.

At times, traffic lights or traffic signals may not function properly. Imagine driving down the road in the middle of the night in an area that one is not familiar with. Since the traffic light is out, the driver continues to drive straight and in the middle of the intersection crashes with another vehicle.

In many cases, automobile accidents are caused by human error. When a person is the victim of an automobile accident, they may want to speak to a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney might be able to help their client gather information that has been collected by law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and eyewitnesses of the event. They may help their client negotiate with insurance companies and could even represent their client in court.

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