How can I avoid drunk drivers?

You already know the dangers of drinking and driving in New York. Drunk driving kills thousands of people each year. You may not be able to control the actions of others, but there are ways you can lower your chances of becoming a victim of a drunk driving accident.

Here is a brief overview of how you can avoid collisions with intoxicated drivers.

Avoid driving at night

Car accidents tend to happen more during the nighttime hours than during the day. Many inebriated motorists drive when it is dark out. It is harder for you to anticipate a drunk driver’s actions and recognize the signs of intoxication. These individuals tend to drive recklessly and may not pay attention or adhere to all traffic signs, laws and signals. Their actions could cause you to make driving errors that increase the chances of you crashing into them, another motorist or an object. You should limit the amount of time you are on the road during the night to lower the chances of you encountering a drunk driver.

Watch for erratic driving behavior

Alcohol interferes with the ability to operate a vehicle safely. Drunk drivers have less coordination, less awareness of their surroundings and are more reckless. They tend to drive too fast and slow, brake erratically, tailgate, and go the wrong way on the roads. If you see motorists driving recklessly, you should move as far away from them as you can, consider changing your route and pull over to the side of the road to call the authorities to report them.

Drive safely

You should always wear your seatbelt when you are in a vehicle. You should also drive safely and without distractions. Drunk drivers already have a hard time focusing on the roads. If you drive while distracted, you could miss warning signs that indicate you are in danger of colliding with a drunk motorist.

Look out for your friends

There may be times where you and your friends go out for drinks. Make sure you have a designated driver. Encourage your friends to limit their drinks. If you do consume drinks, eat some food and wait a few hours to sober up before getting behind the wheel. All it takes is one drink to disrupt your inhibitions and affect your driving skills. You should also consider taking a cab or using a ride share service to get to your destination safely.

Drunk driving accidents are not always easy to avoid. However, knowing how to identify and avoid drunk drivers can help keep you safe and accident-free.


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