Frequent causes of car accidents in the U.S.

Car accidents are an everyday occurrence in New York and every other state throughout the country. There are many different causes of these accidents, but a few common causes are responsible for the vast majority of incidents.

The rate of car accidents has gone down in the last few decades, but a spike in accidents occurred in the last few years, and many researchers blame distracted driving. While it’s not clear exactly what is distracting drivers and pedestrians most, smartphones and other devices may be the culprit.

Another very common cause of car accidents is drunk driving. When someone is intoxicated, their response times and judgment abilities are reduced significantly, causing them to speed, ignore traffic signals and otherwise drive recklessly. Despite the harsh penalties for DUI, many people still decide to get behind the wheel while drunk, and the results can be devastating. In some cases, the drunk driver will be the only party involved, but passengers, pedestrians and other drivers can also be victims.

Speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents because it’s harder to react to changing conditions on the road the faster one is going. Speeding can lead to causing rear-end collisions, running a stop sign, going through a red light, sideswiping a vehicle and many other types of accidents. Many of these incidents can cause serious injury or even death.

No matter what causes an accident, victims may be able to get compensation for their medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering from the responsible party. Victims may get support and guidance from an attorney who works on cases involving car accidents. The attorney may examine the evidence of a case and recommend a legal course of action the represents the best interests of their client.


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