Four Common Driver Distractions That Cause Accidents

Distracted drivers put everyone around them at risk of getting into a serious accident and sustaining severe injuries. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted drivers caused 3,477 traffic fatalities in 2015. When negligent drivers take their attention off the task of driving, the consequences are disastrous.

But what are the main forms of distractions? There are plenty of things that make motorists dangerously inattentive. Here are the top four distractions that cause accidents.

1. Phone use

Of course, using a phone is one of the deadliest forms of distracted driving. Even texting while driving for a split second can result in a collision. Motorists may also use their phones to call someone, find directions or search the internet. Simply talking on the phone can even be distracting, especially if it is a serious conversation. Even worse, a driver may take a selfie or film something with a phone while driving.

2. Eating and drinking

Plenty of New York City drivers may grab a quick bite on their commute or eat something for breakfast while on the way to work, but even this seemingly innocent act can have a harmful impact. Eating and drinking require drivers to take their hands off the wheel and their mind off the road. It also reduces the ability drivers have to react.

3. Grooming

Some drivers may be running late to work or an important interview, so they opt for putting on makeup, combing their hair or brushing their teeth while driving. Unfortunately, this type of multitasking is another thing that can cause an auto crash.

4. Adjusting interior controls

Cars these days are equipped with a variety of controls, including GPS, satellite radio, auxiliary cords and, of course, climate adjusters. While these tasks may seem normal and innocent, too much fiddling with knobs or screens can result in dangerous distractions. A simple turn of the radio dial can lead to an accident.