Finding a way home from holiday parties should be a priority

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Wrongful Death on Thursday, December 12, 2013.

As the holidays approach, there will be more and more people in Waterloo going to parties and celebrating the season. At many of these get-togethers there will be alcohol, but it is essential that anyone planning to drink should also know how he or she is going to get home from the holiday party. Trying to find a sober driver at the end of the party will likely be more difficult, which may prompt some people to throw caution to the wind and drive home while impaired.There are a number of studies that show driving during the holiday season is dangerous and a recent survey by Mothers Against Drunk Driving has shown that nearly three-quarters of people have seen someone drive home after having too much to drink. Drunk driving, of course, puts everyone on the road at risk of serious injury or death.In fact, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve last year nearly 1,100 people were killed in drunk driving accidents.Unfortunately, no matter how many studies, government initiatives and transportation deals are out there, there will be drivers who think it is fine to drive home while intoxicated. Some of these drivers will cause serious accidents and upstate New Yorkers should expect some fatal accidents this holiday season. For the family members who lose loved ones in these accidents, wrongful death lawsuits may be in order.As we’ve hinted at, drunk driving accidents are preventable. If an individual would just have a sober designated driver, he or she would avoid an accident altogether. This means, then, that when someone causes a drunk driving accident, he or she can be held responsible for his or her actions in court.Source: USA Today, “Holiday revelers urged to avoid drunken driving,” Larry Copeland, Dec. 11, 2013


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