Fast Food Chicken Leads To Child’s Long-Term Brain Damage

Fried ChickenZipping through a drive-thru to pick up a fast food meal is an everyday experience for many Americans, and Australians too. An international story is worth sharing because of how extreme and scary it is. How did a chicken wrap from an Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken lead to a young girl’s brain injury? When we discuss brain injuries, those injuries tend to have been caused by some sort of impact such as a crash or fall. But an international catastrophic injury case proves that brain damage can happen as the result of dangerous food. Can fast food cause people to gain weight? Yes. Can fast food negatively impact a person’s cholesterol? Yes. Can fast food lead to a brain injury? Yes. In 2005, a young girl got a meal at a KFC with her family. The chicken in her meal was allegedly bad, and the then 7-year-old fell ill from salmonella poisoning. The bacteria caused the child to go into a coma. Though the child awoke from the coma after multiple months, she didn’t wake up the same. She suffered from brain damage that her family claims has significantly affected the quality of the girl’s life. Medical bills can be expensive, and this case is no different. The girl’s family filed a personal injury suit against KFC in hopes that a court would hold the restaurant responsible for serving the ill-prepared chicken. The court recently ruled in the family’s favor, ordering KFC to pay them several millions of dollars to help cover the costs associated with the preventable tragedy. Word is, however, that KFC is not going to take the ruling sitting down and that they might appeal the decision. A simple meal in 2005 has really made for a long battle for this international family, particularly their daughter. Source: Associated Press, “Australian judge orders KFC to pay $8 million over food poisoning that left girl brain damaged,”


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