On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Car Accidents on Friday, April 29, 2011.

New Yorkers lost someone who has done much for its community yesterday. We don’t usually share names of accident victims on this personal injury blog, but because the man lost is high-profile, we feel it’s essential to specify that New York Reverend David Wilkerson got into a car accident yesterday and didn’t survive his injuries. Riding along with him was his wife. She also sustained injuries in the Texas crash but none reportedly serious enough to be life-threatening. Based on initial reports about the accident, it sounds like Mrs. Wilkerson’s life was saved by her seat belt. The pastor reportedly wasn’t wearing his. The New York Times reports that it was only a year ago when the 79-year-old pastor and his wife moved from New York to Texas for retirement. Now, Mrs. Wilkerson is left without her partner in life, though the couple does have children who can hopefully help her through this sad time. Rev. Wilkerson made a name for himself after he moved to New York in 1958 in order to answer what he believed was God’s calling for him. He sought to help people struggling with drugs and other serious problems by opening a center for troubled youth. Later, Wilkerson started what is now the famous Times Square Church and wrote a book about his life that became a movie. Though the recent accident provides a tragic ending to the story of the pastor’s life, he certainly left enough good behind in order for him to be remembered more for his life than his death. Details regarding the cause of the accident are not available. The Associated Press indicates that Rev. Wilkerson was driving and reportedly swerved out of his lane, crashing into an oncoming truck. Sources The New York Times, City Room (blog): “Former Times Sq. Pastor Dies in Texas Crash,” Paul Vitello, 28 Apr. 2011 Associated Press: “Times Square Church founder dies in Texas crash,” 28 Apr. 2011


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