Esophageal Cancer Misdiagnosis

We Can Let You Know If You Have A Claim After An Esophageal Cancer Misdiagnosis

Many months, or even several years, can elapse between the development of symptoms of early-stage esophageal cancer and diagnosis of this devastating disease. At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, our Rochester-based attorneys know this from direct, relevant case experience — and we also know that a late diagnosis may have overwhelming financial and emotional consequences for your family.

Were Esophageal Cancer Symptoms Attributed To A Less Serious Condition?

You may have strong reasons to believe that your own or a loved one’s esophageal cancer should have been diagnosed much earlier in its progression. One such scenario involves having had symptoms attributed to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and prescribed Prilosec, Nexxium, or another drug that masks those symptoms — rather than being sent for an upper GI, lower GI or other diagnostic tests.

Should your primary care physician have taken your symptoms more seriously? Has your disease progressed to a point where treatment options are limited or survivability seriously in doubt? Rochester esophageal cancer claims lawyers at our firm are prepared to investigate, find answers and aggressively pursue a medical malpractice claim if justified in your case.

Treatment options short of surgery, with minimal risk of complications, are available for removal of precancerous lesions in the esophagus. The further esophageal cancer is allowed to progress, the more likely it is that the only options are surgical — often serious, open surgery rather than a laparoscopic procedure — with a radically diminished likelihood of long-term recovery. We are fully capable of proving what should have been done when, and establishing that your outcome would likely have been much different.

Skilled, Aggressive Pursuit Of Your Claim While You Focus On Recovery

Your focus on this traumatic time must be on your treatment and family. At our firm in Rochester, New York, we always strive to take control of cases rapidly and keep clients informed while minimizing demands on them.

You can turn to us for a thorough evaluation of your claim without worrying about the cost or the energy you would have to expend in repeated visits to our office. To get our proven negotiators and trial lawyers involved right away, beginning with a free case evaluation, call 585-678-4500 anytime. A trusted esophageal cancer misdiagnosis lawyer is ready to help you.

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