Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Assert Your Rights After A Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Any breast cancer diagnosis is devastating for the victim and all those who love and depend on her. Every day, women who have taken every possible step to maintain their health learn that they have this disease. Tragically, some receive a very grim prognosis because it has already progressed past the point at which treatment is likely to save their lives.

It is virtually impossible to overstate the difference that early detection can make for a breast cancer sufferer — especially for an otherwise healthy, young or middle-aged woman. Statistics published by the American Cancer Society show five-year survival rates decline from nearly 90 percent when the disease is caught in Stage 1 to half that percentage in Stage 3, for example.

Was A Mammogram Misread? Were Cancer Concerns Dismissed By A Doctor?

Do you have reason to believe your own, your wife’s, your mother’s or another loved one’s breast cancer should have been diagnosed much sooner than it was? If so, your grief may be accompanied by absolutely understandable anger and frustration. Your suspicion may involve factors such as:

  • Concerns about a lump that were not taken seriously by a primary care physician
  • Having been told that a mammogram showed no breast cancer, only to receive a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer within a few months or a year later
  • Belief that there was a communication breakdown between your primary doctor and a laboratory or specialist, resulting in a lack of essential follow-up that might have made a difference in the progress of the cancer

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