Brain injury symptoms may not appear immediately after the crash

The initial diagnosis was negative. Perhaps it is only now, three days after the rear-end collision occurred, that symptoms of a possible brain injury are showing up.

First, your spouse noticed a change in your personality. Then you began having concentration issues. You feel confused and disoriented. What are your next steps?

See a doctor

Your first obligation is to take care of yourself, so see your doctor without delay. The impact of a rear-end collision may have caused you to strike your head on the steering wheel or windshield causing a concussion or a traumatic brain injury. You may not remember exactly what happened, but you want to make sure there is no serious trauma. If there is, your doctor may want you to enter a rehabilitation program promptly.

Understand how the brain reacts

If the brain sustains a serious injury, it will begin to heal itself once the condition of the patient has stabilized. In fact, the brain cells rewire themselves, forging new pathways through billions of brain cells that are still healthy. The rewired brain cells will also take on some of the functions previously performed by the injured cells.

Benefit from rehabilitation

As a result of TBI, there is almost always some kind of lifetime impairment. It could be physical, emotional, cognitive or behavioral, among other possibilities. Rehabilitation has two main goals: to help the patient relearn forgotten skills and to compensate for whatever ongoing issues there are.

Deal with the aftermath of the crash

A brain trauma, however mild or severe, always disrupts cognitive functions to some extent such as memory and attention span. Rehabilitation is designed to help. If there are physical problems, a physical therapist can assist in moderating or resolving the issues, and, in the most serious circumstances, help the patient to adjust.

Reach out

Just as you would look into all your medical options following a crash that resulted in a brain injury, you should also explore your legal options. As an accident victim, you have the right to expect financial compensation to cover both your current and future medical needs and more.


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