Bicycle accident claims the life of a local 13-year-old

A tragic bicycle accident in a suburb of Rochester took the life a of 13-year-old boy. Those who knew the teen described him as intelligent and talented in many ways.

The driver of a motor vehicle struck the boy at an intersection.  Authorities said that they are continuing to investigate this tragic accident and have yet to officially rule on the cause of the accident. There was no suggestion that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash, which happened in the afternoon hours.

Police at the scene did remind motorists that, as the summer months approach, everyone needs to be on the lookout for motorcycles and bicycles, which drivers will naturally see on the road more frequently in the warmer months.

Police also encourage drivers to pay a watchful eye at intersections and to slow down, even if they believe that they have the legal right of way. After all, at many intersections, it can be hard to see even an approaching car, much less a smaller vehicle like a bicycle.

The police’s advice is certainly well-taken.

Although they have every right to be on the road just the same as cars do, bicycles are more difficult for drivers to spot, making it all the more important for them to pay attention.

Furthermore, when there is a collision between a car and a bicycle, the bicyclist risks suffering a serious or even fatal injury, simply because of the weight difference between a car and a bicycle.

Finally, as this story illustrates, children and younger teens frequently use bicycles as their primary means of transportation. These people are less familiar with how to handle motor vehicle traffic; of course, it is particular devastating when a young person dies or is seriously injured in an accident.


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