Avoiding the four most widespread kinds of car crashes

Most car crashes in New York and throughout the United States are front-impact, side-impact, rear-end or parking lot collisions. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers several tips for avoiding these four kinds of crashes.

To start with, front-impact collisions can occur either between two cars or between a car and a stationary object like a tree or light pole. Driving carelessly in bad weather or on slippery roads is the main factor, so if drivers simply slowed down in rain and snow and avoided distractions like cellphone use, they could avoid such accidents.

There are two types of side-impact crashes: sideswipes and “T-bones.” The first can be prevented if drivers check their blind spots before changing lanes and anticipate other drivers changing lanes while passing vehicles. T-bones normally arise in intersections, so it’s important to always look both ways when stopped and never speed to beat a yellow light.

Drivers, especially in heavy traffic, are all too liable to cause a rear-end collision by speeding and tailgating. Avoiding these unsafe behaviors will reduce crash risk. Car owners might also consider installing a forward-collision warning system. Lastly, parking lot collisions almost always happen when drivers backing out of a space fail to take their surroundings into account. Drivers may want to check their surroundings before entering their vehicle.

Almost all motor vehicle crashes are due to negligence of some kind, be it speeding, distracted driving or impaired driving. New York being a no-fault state, crash victims file with their own insurance company and can only file a third-party insurance claim in the case of serious injuries. If victims believe they have grounds for a third-party claim, they may want a lawyer to assess their case. A lawyer may help when the time comes for settlement negotiations.


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