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When Truck Drivers Violate Regulations

Trucking companies and drivers must follow strict regulatory mandates from state and federal agencies. Many regulations are federal and include requirements for:

  • Commercial vehicle licensing
  • Hiring practices
  • Insurance coverage
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle safety and maintenance
  • Medical standards for drivers
  • Driving and hours of service

Truck drivers have strict limits on how many consecutive and total hours they can drive after being off-duty. Specific regulations that must be followed depend on the type of truck, type of cargo, weather conditions and other factors. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) regulate commercial vehicle safety in New York.

Our team investigates several possible trucking company and truck driver regulation violations in all truck accident cases we handle, and we do so comprehensively on behalf of each of our clients.

At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys independently investigate all truck accident claims in collaboration with accident and medical experts. We understand the severity of truck accident injuries and work diligently to establish the full and fair value of life-altering injuries that our clients often suffer as the result of truck wrecks.

Extensive Experience In Complex Personal Injury Claims

Because we are based in Rochester, we can begin investigating your claim and get to the accident scene quickly. Our team’s 35 years of combined legal experience includes prior work on the insurance defense side of these matters. Now, we represent injury victims exclusively, but our experience allows us to counter the tactics of the opposing party in your case effectively.

We will work aggressively and proactively to prove negligence and maximize the value of your past, present and future damages and losses.

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